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Airport Concierge

"Whether you're arriving, departing, or making a connecting flight, Ascot is here to guide you every step of the way."

Meet & Greet

A meet and greet service at an airport provides personal assistance and support to individuals arriving at or departing from the airport. A representative or greeter is assigned to meet the client, offering various helpful services.

For arrivals, the greeter warmly welcomes clients at the gate or customs exit, assisting with tasks like luggage retrieval and navigating the airport. They also help expedite customs and immigration procedures.

For departures, the greeter meets the client at the check-in area, providing support throughout the process. This includes expediting check-in and security, guiding to the departure gate, and offering necessary information.

Additional amenities may be available, such as access to airline lounges and coordination with car services. The service is personalized based on client preferences, aiming to enhance the travel experience and ensure a smooth journey through the airport.

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Domestic, USA


Airport Greeter Service


  • Clients are greeted curbside and provided assistance with their luggage and check-in procedures.

  • When permitted, clients are escorted through security and offered assistance with their carry-on luggage.

  • Whenever available, clients are extended an invitation to the airline lounge.

  • Clients are accompanied to the gate for boarding.

  • Our greeters diligently monitor all aspects of flight delays and cancellations. They are present to offer support in case of rebooking and provide necessary notifications to downline destinations.

  • Greeters readily accommodate all client requests, whether it's assistance with shopping, dining at restaurants, or simply staying with their luggage while they explore the terminal independently.


  • Clients arriving on domestic flights are greeted at the gate, where permitted. This includes flights from Canada where clients undergo customs pre-clearance before departure.

  • For clients arriving on international flights, we meet them at the customs exit. We maintain close coordination with each airline to request maximum assistance from their personnel, facilitating a swift clearance at customs.

  • Regardless of the arrival type, whether domestic or international, we synchronize with the client's scheduled car service or private chauffeur. They wait inside the vehicle until we establish contact with the client. Subsequently, the driver is directed to pull up curbside to receive the client and their luggage.

  • In the case of high-profile clients, we provide an escort upon arrival to ensure their privacy and avoid public attention. We then proceed to the baggage claim area to retrieve their belongings and bring them to the waiting car at curbside.


  • Clients are warmly welcomed as they exit the main terminal from their inbound flight and are promptly accompanied to their connecting airline. This service encompasses all the aforementioned assistance provided for both arrivals and departures.

  • *Please note that for international arrivals, our dedicated team is ready to meet clients upon their exit from the secure customs area, ensuring a seamless transition to their connecting flights.*

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When are we available?

We understand the importance of convenience for our clients, which is why our services are available 24/7. Booking a ride with us is a breeze - you can either give us a call or visit our website to make your reservation. As a bonus, we offer exclusive rates for out of town trips, so you can sit back and relax during your travels.

  • Being a 24/7 worldwide limousine company is crucial in today's fast-paced world where travel and transportation needs can arise at any time. Customers may need to make last-minute reservations or schedule early morning or late-night pick-ups.

  • By providing round-the-clock service, a limousine company can offer peace of mind to its clients, knowing that they can rely on the company to be available whenever they need them.

  • Additionally, being 24/7 allows a limousine company to accommodate customers from different time zones, making it easier for clients to schedule their transportation needs regardless of their location. Overall, being available 24/7 is a key factor in providing excellent customer service and establishing trust and loyalty with clients.

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